Antivirus is an essential piece of software that you need to defend your device from internet threats. Depending on the operating system you use, antivirus is a necessity that will protect you from various types of malware.

By installing a good antivirus program onto your computer or phone, you can relax when surfing the net. Antivirus is always running in the background, scanning files, and blocking your connection to potentially risky websites.

What’s more, a decent antivirus should run regular scans, searching your device for any corrupt files that could threaten your digital safety. Your antivirus will also provide you with periodic security reports, keeping you informed of your device’s security status.

Antivirus doesn’t just provide internet protection. You can find providers that offer extra features as well. From inbuilt VPNs to password managers and webcam protection, an antivirus is an all-encompassing software that can meet your every internet security need.

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What Does Antivirus Protect From?

Nowadays, there are more online threats than ever before. The most common of these include:

As well as the above, there are many other forms of attacks and threats that exist. Fortunately, good antivirus software can protect you from all of these and more.

What is the Best Antivirus?

Many different antivirus providers offer various services, and it can be hard to decide which is the most suitable for you. From antivirus giants like Norton and McAfee to smaller companies such as Avast, at VPNSurfers, we research all antivirus providers on the current market. Our reviews are 100% unbiased to help you choose the best provider for your online security needs.

There are many antivirus products that come with built-in VPN software. A VPN works differently from antivirus software but is still just as essential to use to keep yourself safe online.

Best Antivirus Software


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