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Your data is more valuable than you realize. Hacks and security breaches on popular websites are more common than ever, putting the sensitive information of millions of individuals at risk.

As well as breaching the networks of many well-known companies and websites, hackers are becoming more adept at carrying out brute force attacks and gaining access to regular internet users’ accounts. By finding out login information such as passwords, hackers can cause a world of damage that leads to spamming, identity theft, and fraud.

Many people are at a loss about what they can do to protect themselves from the threats above. However, an easy way to give yourself (and your accounts) more protection on the web is by using a password manager. Find out everything you need to know about password managers below.

Why Do I Need Strong Passwords?

Internet safety has never been more important. Our lives are practically lived out online, and everything is connected to the internet. Online banking, work and personal emails, and social media mean it’s hard to get offline.

With all our personal information, photos, files, and even money tied up in online accounts, we must have strong passwords to prevent hackers from accessing our sensitive data. Unfortunately, cyber-attacks are commonplace, more so than ever, and hackers have developed a range of advanced methods to get into our accounts to steal our data.

A strong password will make it harder for your account to be breached using brute force. It’s recommended to protect all of your accounts with strong passwords consisting of at least 15 characters. These characters should be made up of lower case and upper case letters, numbers, and symbols. Moreover, every password for your accounts should be unique.

Of course, creating and remembering many different passwords isn’t easy. This is where password managers come in.

What is a Password Manager?

A password manager is a product that allows internet users to store their passwords in a safe place. With a password manager, all of your login credentials are stored in an encrypted vault that only you have access to.

As well as storing usernames and passwords for all of your online accounts, password managers can securely store other sensitive data such as credit card details, passports, and driver’s license numbers, and notes that you don’t want anyone else to see.

Password managers also make it easier for you to log in to your many online accounts. Most password managers offer an autofill option, which allows you to quickly and easily enter your credentials without manually typing them out.

Another great advantage of password managers is that most of them help users to generate robust passwords, which can help keep your accounts more secure.

Is There a Free Password Manager?

Yes, there are many free password managers. 1Password and LastPass are two of the most popular password manager services on the market, and both of these offer free tiers to subscribers.

Of course, there are limitations to free password managers; you can usually only use them on one device, which can be restrictive, especially if you use several devices. Moreover, there may be storage limits on free plans.

However, we advise you use a free service over not using a password manager at all.

Which is The Best Password Manager?

With so many password manager options on the market, it isn’t easy to choose. As mentioned above, LastPass and 1Password are considered two of the best password managers. These services use advanced encryption to protect users’ data and offer extra features such as checking to see if your accounts have been involved in data breaches.

At VPNSurfers, we are dedicated to testing out cybersecurity software and creating unbiased reviews to share with our readers. Check out our selection of password manager reviews and comparisons to find the best service for your needs.

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Last updated: November 18, 2021