3 Best Corporate VPNs in 2024 for Security – All You Need to Know

Corporate VPNs are more important than ever, as data breaches are becoming more and more frequent. Some of the biggest breaches in the 21st century have left business and customer data exposed, costing companies millions of dollars.

If you own a business, cybersecurity will likely be one of your top priorities. Nowadays, the majority of business is carried out online, which means cybercrime is a real threat. The most effective way to protect your confidential business data is to employ Virtual Private Network (VPN) services.

Many corporate VPNs cater to the needs of businesses, both large and small. From allowing remote workers secure remote access to company resources, to providing static IP addresses, a corporate VPN provides an encrypted connection and can protect sensitive information from any third parties that may want to access it. Show more
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What is a Corporate VPN?

A corporate VPN takes your network traffic and sends it through an encrypted tunnel to a VPN server. All internet activity will be protected by a layer of encryption that makes it difficult for hackers to decrypt and read it.

A corporate VPN is different from a consumer VPN; it is designed for multiple users. One employee will often have control over the VPN account and give employees access to it whilst monitoring user activity.

Another difference between corporate and consumer VPNs is that a corporate VPN provides companies with a dedicated IP address and server. With a consumer VPN, you can connect to various shared servers and share IP addresses with other users.

The biggest difference between VPNs for personal use and a business VPN is that corporations will enjoy a higher security level. Corporate VPNs are designed to keep hackers out and to ensure the security of your network.

The Best Corporate VPN Providers

Many providers offer corporate VPN services to users. We’ve taken a look at some of the best and rated them based on the following criteria:

1. NordLayer

NordLayer is a relatively new but reputable corporate VPN that allows for better internal management of employees.

Nord provides a secure corporate VPN with a dedicated control panel that allows easier management of user accounts and allows you to observe network activity, control permissions, and create gateways.

Like Perimeter 81, Nord offers a cloud-based VPN that can be scaled up to accommodate the number of employees as your company grows. The cloud software makes it easy to use as it provides employees with secure remote access to the company network and internal resources.

One of the great things about Nord is that it has a large server network. This gives you the ability to access content in different global locations, which you may need to do for business purposes. The VPN server locations vary from the US to Pakistan, allowing you to easily see global markets. Aside from changing your IP address by connecting to various servers, NordLayer also provides secure access to a dedicated server for internal use.

With Nord, you get the best security, enjoying the same level of military-grade encryption that a consumer VPN user would. Nord supports the best protocols for the most secure internet connection, including OpenVPN and NordLynx, its proprietary protocol. It also has an automatic kill switch and has a strict no-logging policy that will please users concerned about privacy.

Nord’s corporate VPN is compatible with all major devices, making it easy for each user to access their work’s local network, even from a remote location. You can connect your existing credentials on platforms such as Google to log in to the cloud.

There is a dedicated account manager for NordLayer business VPN users to help provide solutions to every issue you face. There are three plans, Basic, Advanced, and Enterprise. Pricing for each plan depends on your business needs as the cloud-based VPN is entirely customizable.

Best Corporate VPNs

2. Perimeter 81

If you have a smaller to medium-sized business, Perimeter 81 is the best option for a corporate VPN.

Perimeter 81 is an all-around great VPN. It offers its business VPN services for companies with a minimum of five team members. However, since this VPN is cloud-based, it can be scaled up to suit growing or larger company teams and allows for much easier service management.

Perimeter 81 offers excellent security features. It operates a zero-trust network to ensure that all users on its network are authenticated and authorized and makes it easier to limit and customize network access thanks to its software-defined perimeter (SDP). There is also two-factor authentication, which means that employees can gain secure remote access to work from a different location.

A dedicated client allows you to manage the internal network and teams in one location, creating user groups and changing permissions. From here, you can also see network activity to view your employees’ traffic. There are easy-to-use dedicated apps for all of the most popular devices, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Perimeter 81 supports the most secure protocols for extra security and privacy. Some of these protocols include OpenVPN, WireGuard, and IKEv2. There is automatic wi-fi security, which is great for remote access. If employees connect to an unknown internet network on any compatible device, then the advanced security will kick in and protect their connection. Moreover, Perimeter 81 operates a strict zero-logs policy to protect the privacy of its users.

One drawback is that it operates a slightly smaller than average network of servers. However, connection speeds are still good, enabling employees to work as usual without any interruptions to their network.

Customer support is first-rate and available 24/7 for business account customers. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to test out the VPN features before deciding to use the service.

3. VyprVPN

VyprVPN offers two business VPNs that provide a high level of security to single-business users and larger companies.

VyprVPN provides some of the best software to make account management easier than ever. It offers two corporate VPN solutions, VyprVPN for Business and VyprVPN for Business Cloud. Both provide first-rate security and support Vypr’s proprietary protocol, Chameleon, which combines speed and security to ensure your data traffic is always secure. It also prevents bandwidth throttling to ensure you have a consistent and stable connection on your network.

The cloud-based version of the VyprVPN makes it easier for businesses to control and grow their network, and monitor user traffic and adjust permissions. This version is great for larger businesses with remote workers who may be off-site and need to access internal resources on the local network.

If you are a sole trader or have a smaller company, then the cheaper of the two business plans may be the best option for you. This plan allows access to Vypr’s global network and, like the cloud service, can be used on several different devices thanks to its apps for all major platforms.

In terms of privacy, VyprVPN has a strict no-logging policy. It also manages its entire server network, making it a lot safer as it controls all of its servers end-to-end. Prices for the two VPNs are different due to the different features each one offers, but you can enjoy VyprVPN business from $299 per year.

Does My Company Need a Corporate VPN?

You won’t find many serious businesses that are still functioning without using VPN software on their company network. If you have a company that handles sensitive information or you store customer details, including email addresses or banking information, then you should definitely use a VPN to ensure your network has constant protection from hackers.

Some of the world’s biggest companies, including eBay and LinkedIn, have suffered major data breaches in the past decade, despite the businesses employing the most advanced security software available. Regardless of whether you have a large company or not, corporate VPN protection will ensure that internet security on your network is first-rate.

Not only do corporate VPNs protect your internet data, but they can give remote workers secure access to your company network, allowing them to access internal files and documents under an encrypted connection. This means that if you or your employees are traveling for business, you can easily work from abroad since a VPN grants you secure network access and can change your IP address to make it look like you’re in a different physical location.

Can You Be Traced Using a VPN?

When you use a VPN, your web activity and real IP address cannot be tracked by your ISP or other third parties. Of course, websites may still store cookies on your web activity, and you may accidentally download malware that tracks your activity. However, it is unlikely that hackers will be able to see what you’re doing online.

With a corporate VPN, your employer can still see what you’re doing online. Since corporate VPNs are designed to give employers access to network activity, it doesn’t guarantee full anonymity for employees in an internal company environment. So, while you’ll be protected from external threats, your actions online will still be visible to your boss.

Is VPN Dead?

VPNs are definitely not dead. The industry is constantly evolving, with consumer VPNs becoming more popular than ever for popular use. Technological advancements now seem to favor more cloud-based VPNs that can be easily scaled up or down depending on the consumer’s needs.

Since internet threats aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, the likelihood that VPNs will change to keep up with these threats is strong.

The Bottom Line

All corporations need a VPN to keep their networks safe, and using a VPN specifically designed for business use is the best way to do so. Each corporate VPN has a different price which means businesses will need to budget accordingly.


  • Protect company networks
  • Purchase a scalable VPN
  • Change internet location for business purposes


  • Pricing varies for corporate VPNs
  • Employees may have their VPN usage tracked
  • Corporate VPNs might not provide employees more freedom online


Why do corporates use VPNs?

Businesses use VPNs to keep all of their company data private and to protect their network so that no cybercriminals can access confidential files. Both small and large businesses can benefit from using a VPN to keep their corporations safe.

How much does a Corporate VPN cost?

The cost of corporate VPNs varies depending on the service. A lot of corporate VPNs are scalable which means the cost can increase if the number of users on the VPN plan increases.

What is a commercial VPN?

A commercial VPN is the opposite of a corporate VPN and is used by internet users for personal and private use. With a commercial VPN, users can change their internet location, unblock geo-restricted content, and hide their internet activity.

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