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iPhone and iPad devices are extremely popular due to the ease of use they provide users and the extensive range of features on offer. Like most Apple products, iOS devices come with built-in security to protect themselves from malware and viruses. However, both iPhones and iPad require antivirus protection.

If you use an iPad to surf the web, send emails, or for online banking, you need antivirus software. Fortunately, many antivirus companies provide compatible anti-malware solutions for iOS.

The best antivirus apps for iPad users come from companies like McAfee, Norton, and Avira. Read on to learn more about each solution and how it can keep your operating system safe.

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Do I Need Antivirus Software on My iPad?

iOS devices are well-known for the high level of malware protection they offer to users. However, there is only so much that your iPhone and iPad can do to protect you. Even iPhones and iPads are not immune from viruses and the damage these can cause to users’ operating systems.

It would help if you had antivirus software on your iPad to protect you from the constant internet threats that are out there. These include ransomware, malware, spyware, phishing scams, and dangerous computer viruses.

Furthermore, antivirus software can enhance internet privacy on your iPad through additional features like password managers, Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions, and dark web monitoring.

What Is The Best Antivirus App for iPad?

Below are our top choices for providers that offer antivirus software for iPads in 2024. Many of these providers appear on our best iPhone antivirus app page since the iPhone antivirus apps are also compatible with iPad systems.

1. McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee tops our list due to the excellent free antivirus app it offers to iPad users. As well as this, users can upgrade to a paid version to enjoy additional features that will keep their iPad device secure.

With McAfee, security features are first-rate. You are guaranteed real-time malware and virus protection on your iPad, ensuring that you’re protected from any threats you may encounter as they arise. You can also run regular scans of your iOS device to remove any malware that may be lurking in files, apps, or software.

A fantastic feature that is available on both the paid and free apps is the wi-fi security scanner. This tool ensures that you never connect to potentially dangerous wi-fi hotspots or private home networks that could pose a threat to your device and data. If you use your iPad in public settings often, connecting to open wi-fi networks, then this is a great tool to use.

Since iPads are extremely popular, they are, unfortunately, often stolen. With McAfee installed on your iPad, you can take advantage of the anti-theft tools; these include a GPS tracker feature, the ability to activate an alarm, remotely wipe your device of contacts and data, and lock private media. As well as this, you can receive an email with a photo of the thief. There is also automatic contacts backup, so you can store these in a safe place if you need to wipe your device.

If you decide to purchase the premium antivirus plan, you can enjoy some excellent extra such as an unlimited VPN service that shrouds your browsing data with encryption. This VPN is great since it comes with unlimited data, which many other antivirus VPNs don’t offer.

As well as the VPN, you can also enjoy secure browsing features. McAfee will inspect website links and alert you of any potentially dangerous websites. As well as this, it provides phishing protection.

You can try out the premium service with a 7-day free trial on your iPad. You’ll be automatically charged at the end of the free trial.

2. Avira Mobile Security

Avira Mobile Security provides an excellent antivirus app for iPhone and iPad users. Better yet, there is a free version of its app for iOS users.

Avira offers a good antivirus app for iPads. Firstly, it offers both paid-for and free protection, with users able to enjoy slightly more features on the paid plan. Fortunately, there are great security features on both versions of its app, like system scans and virus removal.

As well as this, should you lose your iPad or have it stolen, you can utilize the excellent anti-theft protection tools. This includes remote device locking, GPS tracking, and a remote alarm to locate the position of your lost device.

Included in both plans are features to help you get the most out of your iPad. As well as an iOS update, to ensure you’re always running on the latest technology, there is also a scan tool that will search for potential performance issues. As well as this, you can see analytics of your device storage and remove duplicated files to free up space.

Another great feature that is unique to Avira’s app for iPhones and iPads is the Privacy Manager. This stops Siri from listening in on your private conversations, giving you another layer of much-needed privacy.

There is even identity protection with Avira’s iPad app. You can schedule regular checks of your email addresses to see whether or not they have been involved in a z data breach. With security breaches becoming the norm, this is an essential feature.

A VPN service is also included, with a data limit of 100Mb per day. While we think it is great that there is a built-in, free VPN, 100Mb of daily data is not enough to carry out many internet tasks in private.

Finally, we think it is great that users enjoy total web protection on the Avira Mobile Security Pro version. Avira blocks malicious websites and fraudulent phishing links to prevent you from becoming the victim of a scam as you surf the web.

3. Avast Security & Privacy

Avast is a well-known name in the tech industry due to its advanced cybersecurity products. Avast offers free protection for iPhone and iPad users and a premium plan with complete protection for your device.

Avast offers the same protection in terms of internet security whether you are using the free or premium version of its antivirus app for iPads. The app offers constant protection in detecting malware and will prevent hackers from accessing your operating system.

As well as the above, when you use the internet, you can enjoy web filtering, as Avast will prevent you from accessing fake or malicious websites and the security threats that come with accessing these.

Avast also alerts iPad users of any dangerous wi-fi networks. Since hackers can use public wi-fi hotspots to spy on or infiltrate people’s devices, this tool will come in handy if you use your iPad out in public often.

You can also enjoy a secure browser experience with Avast, which is a built-in version of its VPN service. This will encrypt your online activity, hiding it from any snooping third parties, including your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Identity protection is also available. You can input your email address into Avast’s database tracking system to check whether or not your online account credentials have been leaked in a recent data breach.

Another great feature is the Media Vault. This allows users to add extra protection to up to 40 photos on their phones with encryption. If you misplace your iPad, the Media Vault will mean that no third party can see these photos on your lost device.

As well as offering free and premium security apps for iOS, you can also install Avast on your Windows, macOS, and Android devices.

4. Norton Mobile Security

Norton is the only company on our list that does not offer a free version of its excellent antivirus apps. However, the premium version offers multiple layers of protection and great features for your iPad.

Norton Mobile Security is the company’s dedicated app for mobile devices and iPads. Norton offers great features to users, which makes up for the fact that it does not have free versions of its antivirus apps available.

Firstly, there is constant protection from online threats. From phishing protection to web filtering to ensure you don’t access malicious websites, Norton can help you keep your iPad free from malware and viruses.

As well as this, Norton can scan new networks you connect to before doing so to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities that cybercriminals could take advantage of. Better yet, Norton will give you a monthly update on the health of your iPad, including which other apps may be displaying dangerous behavior.

Constant dark web monitoring checks the web for your credentials in security breaches. Should a data breach occur, Norton will alert you if user data such as your email address shows up in databases.

You can purchase the antivirus app for iPads as a standalone product or enjoy it as part of Norton 360. If you decide to buy Norton 360, you can enjoy additional features like a secure password manager.

5. Trend Micro Mobile Security

Last on our list of the best antivirus solutions for iPad users is Trend Micro Mobile Security. Although it offers a free app, it is not the best free antivirus app we have seen.

Trend Micro offers both free and premium versions of its antivirus for iPhone and iPad. The free app is extremely limited, featuring just a secure QR code scanner and a device status analyzer to ensure that your device is up-to-date and optimized for the best protection.

However, it is worth upgrading to the paid version to get the best security protection for your iOS device. Trend Micro’s paid app comes with many great features, such as malicious websites and ad and tracker blocking.

As well as the above, you can use TrendMicro’s built-in secure browser, SafeSurfing, to ensure that you have a very safe browsing experience. There is also a safeguarding feature when you use social networks to maintain your privacy on Facebook and Twitter.

If you have children that share your iPad, then you can set up parental controls. These include blocking access to adult content and limiting screen time.

Do Apple iPads Get Viruses?

Despite popular opinion, iPads and iPhones can get viruses. Although Apple products come with more advanced security protection than Windows systems, it is still entirely possible for users’ iPads to get infected with Trojans or ransomware.

For this reason, it is recommended that you install third-party antivirus software on your iOS device. Although Apple’s built-in antivirus software works well, third-party antivirus software comes with plenty of additional features to improve your iPad experience and increase internet safety.

Can I Scan My iPad for Malware?

Yes, you can easily scan your iPad for malware. If you have one of the antivirus apps from the list above installed on your iPad, then you can open the app and run a scan with the tap of a button. There are options for quick or deep scans, depending on whether you have a paid or free version of the app.

Does All Antivirus Software Work on iPads?

Unfortunately, not all antivirus companies provide software for iOS devices. This means you cannot use all antivirus products on your iPad.

One such company which doesn’t offer an antivirus solution for iPads is Kaspersky. The company states that this is due to the high standards of antivirus security that iOS devices automatically come with. In fact, Kaspersky goes so far as to state that antivirus solutions for iOS devices like iPads aren’t technically antivirus, but internet security add-ons to protect users.

Although there is a shred of truth to this statement, it is still worth using an antivirus solution that works with your iPad for an extra layer of protection.

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