Best Antivirus for iPhone in 2024

Most iOS users don’t use antivirus solutions on their devices, but there has never been a greater need for installing cybersecurity software on Apple iPhones.

There is a lot to be cautious of when surfing the web, from accessing malicious websites and falling victim to phishing scams or being affected by adware, spyware, and trojans. With good antivirus software, you can keep your iOS device safe at all times and enjoy more online security.

Read on to find out which are the best anti-malware solutions for iPhones and why you need to install mobile antivirus on your device immediately.

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Do I Need Virus Protection for My iPhone?

It’s well known that iOS devices come with built-in protection tools to keep your device safe. iPhone security is generally considered some of the best, but that doesn’t mean that it is completely dependable. Effective security solutions in the form of antivirus will keep your iPhone safer as you surf the web. Here’s how:

What Is The Best Antivirus Software?

Below are our choices for the best antivirus for iPhone in 2024. Each service comes with an iOS app and has met our high criteria standards to make the list.

1. Avast Security and Privacy

Avast tops the list of the best antivirus for iPhone. Avast offers free protection in an app that is packed full of great features. However, if the free antivirus app doesn’t satisfy users, they can upgrade to the Premium version.

With the free version, there are some great security tools. One of these is a basic scanning tool, which checks your device for any vulnerabilities or malware. There is also a blocking tool that users can enable to prevent you from accessing malicious websites. You can even take advantage of the media vault to protect photos on your phone.

On top of this, there is wi-fi security that checks each network you connect to. This is very useful, especially if you’re always connecting to public wi-fi networks outside of the house.

You can also get free security and privacy tips catered to the security level of your device ad there is even a feature to check if any of your accounts’ passwords have been leaked. Better yet, if you sign up for the Premium plan, you can enjoy all of the same protection above along with Avast’s VPN (Virtual Private Network), which comes as a built-in addition.

Prices for the Premium plan start at $1.33, which is great value for money.

2. McAfee Mobile Security

Another one of the best iPhone antivirus apps is McAfee Mobile Security. There are free and premium versions available, but the free app still offers many excellent features.

Users can protect their iPhone devices with a system security scan to ensure that they aren’t infected with any malware. Moreover, a secure wi-fi scanner checks the security of public wi-fi hotspots to ensure you’re protected from random wi-fi attacks.

What we really like about Mcafee’s antivirus app is that it comes with anti-theft protection. While many people wouldn’t consider this a staple feature of antivirus software, it is a handy addition. Other anti-theft features include a remote alarm if your device gets lost or stolen and a remote wiping feature to remove contacts and other personal information.

Another great anti-theft feature is the ability to take a photo of whoever steals your iPhone and have their GPS location sent to you remotely. In this way, you can potentially catch whoever has stolen your device and get your phone back.

If you sign up for the Premium plan, the features only get better; a VPN service is included and web alerts to stop you from browsing dangerous websites and protect you from phishing scams and ARP spoofing. Prices for the Premium plan start from $2.49.

3. Avira Mobile Security

Avira Mobile Security is another one of the best free antivirus app options for iPhone users. There are many great features available at iOS users’ fingertips. Anti-theft tools are available with Avira should your phone get stolen or lost. These include GPS tracking and an anti-theft alarm.

With Avira Mobile Security, you can also block unwanted calls and messages from certain contacts. Although this is a useful feature, iPhone users can already securely block calls and texts from people, so we’re unsure how beneficial this add-on is.

The free antivirus software for iPhone and iPad also backs up your contacts regularly so that you have them safely stored in another location. As well as this, the free app is configured to keep your iOS system up to date and scans it regularly for any issues.

If you decide to upgrade, you can do so and enjoy the Avira Mobile Security Pro version. The pro version features web protection. This feature ensures that you can browse the web safely since it checks websites for any security threats to keep you safe while browsing.

Avira Pro also offers identity protection, making you aware of any security breaches with identity theft warnings. If your email has been caught up in a leak or breach, then you can quickly find out and change any necessary passwords.

If you decide to upgrade, the cost will vary depending on the Pro package you choose. Prices start from $1.99.

4. Norton Mobile Security

Norton offers an antivirus app for iOS devices with its Norton Mobile Security. You can purchase this separately for your iPhone or download the app if you purchase Norton 360.

Norton’s antivirus offering for iPhone and iPad users comes with wi-fi protection to alert users of unsecured wi-fi networks and those hackers may use to carry out illicit activities. This is an essential feature regarding internet security since connecting to an unsafe public wi-fi network could put your iOS device at risk.

As well as the above, Norton provides web protection. With its security app installed on your iOS device, you can ensure that your access to malicious sites is blocked, so you don’t accidentally encounter malware.

Norton will also ensure that your operating system is always kept up to date by alerting you when new software updates are available. If you’re an iPhone or iPad user, this will guarantee that your device has the latest protection to safeguard itself from online threats.

Prices start from $14.99 for 1 year ($29.99 upon renewal).

5. Trend Micro Mobile Security

With Trend Micro Mobile Security, you can download the app onto your iPhone and iPad Apple devices and enjoy a free trial of the Premium service.

With the Premium service, you can enjoy features such as an ad and tracker blocker, secure browser protection to avoid dangerous sites, a wi-fi network checker. You can also enable iMessage protection to automatically send any messages containing harmful data to a spam folder.

Like many of the other antivirus solutions on this list, there is theft protection since Trend Micro can detect the location of any missing or stolen iOS devices. There is also a social media monitoring feature to keep you safe on Facebook and Twitter and parental controls to prevent minors from accessing inappropriate material online.

If you choose only to use the free version, then you’ll be extremely limited by what features you have access to. The free antivirus only comes with a secure QR code scanner and device access status to ensure that your iPhone runs on the most up-to-date software. Other than that, there are no other useful tools on the free plan, such as identity protection, which is disappointing.

We recommend using the Premium service for the best protection, starting from $2.66 per month.

6. F-Secure SAFE

F-Secure SAFE is one of the best antivirus solutions that offers free apps for iPhone and iPad. The antivirus solution for iOS mobile devices ensures you surf the web safely, filtering access to dangerous sites that could contain malware or phishing scams.

There is also a banking protection feature, which inspects banking websites before you enter personal information related to your credit cards and bank accounts. As well as this, when shopping online, F-Secure will indicate whether or not the connection is safe so that you can complete transactions securely.

If you have children, then you’ll be pleased to know that F-Secure SAFE offers parental controls. This means you can stop your children from accessing adult or unsafe content on the web and ensure that they stay protected online.

The only downside to F-Secure SAFE is the price, which is a lot more than other providers. To protect your iPhone for a year, you’ll need to pay $13.99.

7. Barracuda CloudGen Access

Barracuda Cloud Gen Access, previously known as Fyde Mobile Security, is not technically an antivirus service. However, its zero trust solution is a great asset if you’re an avid internet user since it can keep you safe while browsing the web on your iPhone.

The app comes with tracker and ad blocking to protect your device. As well as this, you can see which online threats have been blocked and the domain name of each.

Since this solution is targeted at companies that want to offer secure remote access to clouds, it is a good app for remote workers who want heightened protection when working out of the office.

The app is free to download and, better yet, won’t drain your battery which means you can leave it running in the background of your device at all times.

Do Apple iPhones Get Viruses?

Although your iPhone and iPad are less likely to get infected with a virus than, say, a Microsoft product, it can still happen; this is why you need the best iPhone antivirus app. Without antivirus apps, all the devices you use are vulnerable since when you surf the web, you could come across phishing sites or hidden malware.

How Can I Check my iPhone for Viruses?

To check your iPhone for viruses, you need to download one of the antivirus apps from the list above. Once you have done so, you can run a quick scan to check whether or not your device is infected with a virus. Then, your antivirus software will be able to remove it from your device.

If you have antivirus in place on your operating system, then it is less likely that you’ll come across viruses during scans. However, it isn’t impossible, and so we recommend carrying them out every so often.

Since iPhone is designed to protect users from malware, you may not notice immediately if you have a virus without running a scan. However, there may be a few tell-tale signs. For example, your device may be running slower than usual, with apps and internet pages taking longer to open and load.

Moreover, if you notice your Safari browser is behaving strangely and redirecting you to random pages, you likely have a virus on your device.

Can a VPN Protect My iPhone from Viruses?

No, a VPN won’t protect your iPhone from malware in the same way that antivirus solutions will. Although some VPN services come with built-in malware protection, it is not as comprehensive as that offered in specialized antivirus software.

We recommend installing an antivirus app on your iPhone as well as a VPN for total internet security at all times.

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