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Algo VPN is a newly developed VPN cloud service that gives users extra privacy online. Since Algo VPN is a group of Ansible scripts, it isn't like other VPN providers that offer users a client. In fact, for many users, Algo provides them with a simpler way of using a VPN.

With Algo VPN, you can set up a personal Algo VPN server within the cloud using the IPSec protocol. Best of all, this VPN is not shared with many other users simultaneously, unlike the VPN solutions offered by many other VPN providers.

Although Algo VPN is easy to deploy and works well at safeguarding your privacy online while offering a lot of security, there is still a lot of hesitation from internet users who are confused about how exactly it works. Read our full review to learn more about this innovative VPN project, how it can improve your internet experience, and why security experts love it.


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Price Starting At: 5 $ / monthly 60 $ / annually
For New Users: No money-back guarantee
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Max Speed: 10000 Mbps
Type of IP offered: Dynamic
Simultaneous connections / Users: Unlimited
Number of Netflix Libraries: Not available
Information sharing: None
OS support: Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows
Router support: Asus, D-Link, DD-WRT, Linksys, Netduma, Netgear, Sabai, Tomato, TP-Link
VPN Promotion: Get VPN from Algo VPN for 5$ per month
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  • United States

Algo VPN Security


A major reason why Algo VPN outperforms many VPN services is due to the security and privacy it provides users. Firstly, Algo only supports a single cipher suite with AES-GCM, SHA2 HMAC, and P-256 DH encryption. This is excellent in terms of securing your VPN connection and goes one step further than other VPN services.

Algo supports the IKEv2 protocol on iOS, macOS, and Linux systems, which can be viewed as a security benefit for many. Even though other VPN services often use OpenVPN, this protocol is dependent upon TLS for security and also requires client software to run. IKEv2 doesn't and is, therefore, makes using a VPN easier for many people.

Windows and Android users can also enjoy the privilege of being able to use open-source WireGuard to set up their VPN connection. This may be better for some users since WireGuard offers excellent security and speed and has been independently audited.

Another great security feature that Algo offers is the reassurance that no third parties will be able to easily hack your connection or work out what service you are using; this is because you'll set up a new connection each time before it is wiped once you stop the connection. This makes it harder to trace users, which is great for privacy-conscious people.

Algo also uses an HTTP proxy and local DNS resolver. What this does is block ads, and using an HTTP proxy to route web requests may result in a faster speed.

As well as all of the above, Algo's servers are not connected to the developers in any way, which is excellent in terms of security. It provides a degree of separation between users and developers, ensuring that the developers are not handling user data which is reassuring since TrailofBits (the minds behind Algo) work with high-profile clientele, including government agencies.

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Algo VPN Features


Since Algo VPN is not like a VPN provider, it lacks some features that VPN users may expect. For example, there is no mobile app or computer client software to evaluate and no extra features within the apps that people can enable.

However, we were able to evaluate some aspects of the VPN service. First of all, it is extremely easy to set up. Don't let the manual setup process scare you; although you need to install a configuration file, set up a user list, and create an API key, it's not as hard as it seems.

A great thing about Algo VPN is that there are many ready-made configuration files for popular cloud providers, which makes things a little easier. You can use the VPN with cloud hosting providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Lightsail, Google Compute Engine, Amazon EC2, and DigitalOcean.

You can set up an Algo VPN server on many devices, including Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux, and Ubuntu. There is plenty of information online, including user reviews, on how to set up the VPN service.

So, what about speed? We set up a VPN server connection in the US and were able to enjoy a relatively good download speed. Our speed test results showed an average of 33Mbps, which is good enough for data-heavy activities such as streaming and torrenting. Compared to many other VPNs on the market, which are disastrously slow, we were rather impressed.

Overall, with Algo VPN, you aren't getting a provider that is all bells and whistles. Instead, it's a no-frills VPN solution that delivers exactly what it promises, without any fluff.


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What is Algo VPN?

Algo VPN is a VPN project that allows users to set up a VPN server that is based in the cloud using IPSec or WireGuard. It promises excellent privacy and security to users and decreases the chance of your VPN use is directly linked back to you.

Is Algo VPN Difficult to Use?

Although Algo VPN is not difficult to use, its infrastructure may cause confusion for some VPN novices who are not familiar with configuring a VPN to their system.

Once you have installed the configuration files to your device, activated a VPN server connection each time you want to start a session should not be difficult. Below we’ve created a succinct set-up guide to provide users with the tools that they need to successfully start using Algo VPN.

How Do I Set up Algo VPN?

The setup process may be daunting for VPN novices who aren’t familiar with the software. However, don’t let this put you off, as you are missing out on an opportunity to try out a novel piece of software.

python3 -m virtualenv — python=”$(command -v python3)” .env &&

source. env/bin/activate &&

python3 -m pip install -U virtualenv &&

python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

For a more in-depth explanation of how to set up the Algo server, and how to deploy clients on certain devices, check out the TrailofBits site. The developers of Algo cover every essential need to know aspect of this innovative VPN technology.

How Do I Connect to an Algo VPN Server?

Once you have set up Algo VPN on your system, you can connect to the server and enjoy the security that the software offers. Depending on the app terminal you are using, it will return to the command-line prompt.

You’ll need to have the WireGuard or IPSec client for your device installed, before accessing the configuration files in the Algo zip folder and entering a command (this will differ depending on your operating system. We recommend looking at TrailofBits to work out the exact command you’ll need to enter).

Once you have done the above, you can open your app and import the updated files. Then, you’ll be able to connect to a server!

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