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Switzerland has a reputation for being one of the most privacy-friendly countries globally, and residents’ right to privacy is guaranteed by law. For this reason, a Switzerland VPN is one of the most sought-after products for internet users.

By using a Switzerland VPN, you can send your web traffic via a Swiss server and enjoy the Data Privacy Laws in the country. Even if internet privacy isn’t your main reason for using a VPN (although perhaps it should be), there are many other reasons why a Switzerland VPN is a good idea, including more freedom on the web.

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The Best Switzerland VPN

Below are the best VPN services for Switzerland. We judge each VPN using the same assessment criteria, which includes:

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Why Should I Use a Swiss VPN?

Instead of asking yourself, “why should I use a Swiss VPN?” try asking, “why shouldn’t I a Swiss VPN?” The benefits of using a VPN in Switzerland far outweigh the negatives. Here are some of the advantages of a Switzerland VPN:

A VPN hides your browsing data

When using a VPN in Switzerland or any other country, your web traffic is encrypted. This makes it indecipherable to third parties, protecting your privacy from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), government agencies, and hackers.

If you tunnel your connection via a Swiss server, you can also have peace of mind as your web traffic is being sent via a privacy-friendly country.

You can access geo-restricted sites

With a VPN, you can enjoy more internet freedom and bypass geo-blocks, which restrict your access to certain sites. Change your IP address to one in Switzerland with a Swiss VPN and watch Swiss TV networks, or access US Netflix and the UK’s BBC iPlayer from abroad.

How Do I Get a Switzerland IP Address?

It’s extremely easy to get a Swiss IP address. Firstly, download a VPN from above onto your device. Secondly, open the app and tap a server in Switzerland. You’ll now be surfing the web with a Swiss IP!

Why Should I Connect to VPN Servers in Switzerland?

When you connect to a Switzerland-based server, your data is being sent through servers based in a privacy-friendly country. In doing this, you can ensure that your data is safe from government surveillance and not at risk of being exposed.


Is A Switzerland VPN Safe?

Yes, a Switzerland VPN is very safe. This is because Switzerland operates excellent data retention laws.

Are VPNs Legal in Switzerland?

VPNs are 100% legal in Switzerland, and there are no restrictions to their use.

Is Switzerland a Member of The Five Eyes?

Switzerland is not a member of the Five Eyes. However, the country has collaborated with the Five Eyes in the past, which is worrying for some internet users.

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