Best Undetectable VPN in 2021

Using a VPN is the best way to keep yourself safe and anonymous online. With a Virtual Private Network, you can encrypt your internet traffic and prevent hackers and trackers from stealing personal information or following your movements online.

As well as protecting your internet data, VPNs also change your IP address, enabling you to bypass geo-restrictions and access sites that are only available in certain parts of the world. You can watch foreign Netflix and Amazon Prime Video libraries from the comfort of your own home with a VPN.

Unfortunately, some networks and websites can detect the use of a VPN. This means that users can get blocked by firewalls set up to ensure that VPNs don’t get past. However, there are ways to make your VPN undetectable, as well as many VPN services that enable users to hide their VPN usage.

Read on to learn more about undetectable VPNs and which providers are the best.

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How to Make Your VPN Undetectable

An undetectable VPN employs certain techniques to ensure that it isn’t easily detectable by networks or websites. If you’re looking for a VPN provider that will remain undetectable on the internet, or want to learn how to make your VPN undetectable, here is what you should look out for:

What are the Best Undetectable VPNs?

The team at VPNSurfers has tried and tested the best VPNs for remaining undetectable on the web. All of the following VPNs have met our high reviewing standards and offer various features to ensure that you can bypass VPN blocks and keep your VPN usage private. As well as this, the VPN services below provide internet users with freedom and more security when surfing the internet.

Read on to discover which VPNs made our list and how they can make your VPN undetectable.

1. NordVPN

A VPN legend, NordVPN tops many of our lists but none more deserving than the list of the best undetectable VPNs. With a Double VPN feature, Tor over VPN option, and obfuscation, NordVPN’s subscriptions certainly pack a punch.

With NordVPN, it’s almost guaranteed that your VPN use will remain undetected online. First of all, the provider employs obfuscated servers, enabling users to bypass restrictions in regions like China and Iran. As well as this, the obfuscation enables customers to watch pretty much any streaming service they like in any country. Be it Netflix, Hulu, or BBC iPlayer, with Nord, you don’t need to worry about streaming sites and their VPN blocks.

If you want complete anonymity on the web and to be untraceable, you can opt for the Tor over VPN tool, which sends your data through the Tor network for extra protection. If you don’t fancy using this, then you can enjoy the Double VPN feature, which sends your traffic through two servers for double encryption, changing your IP address twice.

With a large server network, users have plenty of choices when it comes to IP addresses. The more choice of IPs, the better chance there is that none of these will have been blacklisted by websites due to being linked to a VPN.

As well as shared IPs, NordVPN offers its users the option to purchase a dedicated IP address. This is great news for users who want their VPN usage to remain undetectable on certain websites that they visit again and again.

NordVPN offers a host of encryption protocols, including NordLynx, which is its proprietary offering. The selection of protocols bodes well for users who want to evade blocking that can occur with OpenVPN.

Best of all, NordVPN offers super user-friendly apps to all of its users. It is a great choice for both beginners and VPN experts alike. With 6 simultaneous connections per plan and support for the best systems out there, it’s hard to find fault with a service like Nord.

2. Surfshark

A service similar to NordVPN in terms of features is Surfshark. You can make your VPN undetectable with this service since it offers a MultiHop feature and various modes to bypass DPI and firewalls.

Surfshark excels in helping users remain anonymous online; it also performs well at hiding its customers’ VPN usage. Its NoBorders mode is particularly impressive since this enables users to use the VPN in restrictive regions like Russia and bypass internet blocks and censorship.

As well as NoBorders, there is a Camouflage mode. This mode employs obfuscation to hide your VPN use from your Internet Service Provider and the sites you visit. The combination of the two modes pretty much ensures your total undetectability on the internet, enabling users to bypass some of the most restrictive VPN blocks on the web, such as on popular streaming services.

Although they may not make your VPN use entirely undetectable, there are other excellent privacy features that should hide your identity and give you more security online. These include the MultiHop, which offers a dual-layer of encryption and directs your traffic via two servers instead of one.

As well as the above, Surfshark offers a smattering of protocol options, including OpenVPN (via TCP/UDP port), IKEv2, Shadowsocks, and WireGuard. A (fully audited) no-logs policy is in place to ensure that your VPN usage is not monitored, stored, or sold to third parties for Surfshark’s own monetary gain, and there is a kill switch at your disposal to protect your traffic from ever being exposed.

Surfshark doesn’t just excel at helping people use its VPN without being detected. The provider offers unlimited simultaneous connections so you can encrypt data on all of your devices at once. There is support for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux systems. You can even connect the VPN to IoT devices, including your Amazon Fire Stick TV, or configure it to your home router.

All new subscribers can enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee with Surfshark, which gives you time to get used to the technology on offer. However, we highly doubt that many customers request a refund since the VPN service is one of the best on the current market.

3. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access (PIA) is a great VPN if you want to make your VPN undetectable since it offers users many different ports and supports the use of the Tor browser.

PIA offers many port options, including port 443, which is one of the best if you want your VPN use to remain undetectable and bypass port blocking. Port forwarding is also permitted, enabling you to bypass the NAT firewall, which can not only make you more undetectable on the web but also offers fast speeds.

Although PIA doesn’t offer obfuscated servers, which is a massive disappointment, this doesn’t stop users from bypassing blocks on streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. PIA successfully unblocks US Netflix, something which is an indication of a great VPN service.

Many sites block VPN IPs, but fortunately, PIA has a way around this. The provider offers dedicated IP addresses, which enable users to enjoy VPN encryption with the same IP each time. Using a static IP means that your VPN use won’t be noticed by banking, streaming, or news sites.

Aside from the above, PIA offers many other great privacy and security features. There is AES-256 bit encryption that protects your traffic and a kill switch in place to cut out your internet connection, ensuring that none of your data is ever leaked if the VPN goes down.

Excellent security is great news for torrenting fans. Torrenting is supported on the network, but excellent privacy features ensure that your download data and real IP and location are never revealed.

Each PIA subscription comes with 10 simultaneous connections, and there is support for many apps. You can even configure the VPN to your home router to ensure that all of your devices are protected by the VPN software.

4. ExpressVPN

One of the best services in many areas is ExpressVPN. Express offers obfuscated servers and can help users bypass blocks on many different sites.

ExpressVPN offers obfuscation to help users navigate the web and make it seem as though their traffic as regular HTTPS traffic. This allows users to avoid VPN blocking and access streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video. Express is by far one of the best VPNs for accessing geo-restricted content and sites.

You can also combine ExpressVPN with using the Tor browser for extra anonymity online. Users need to first connect to a VPN server before then accessing the Tor browser, and this will then make their VPN undetectable.

Users can enjoy super secure VPN connections when using ExpressVPN. There is 256-AES encryption, a choice of secure protocols including Lightway (which also offers fast connection speeds), and the Network Lock, which is the provider’s kill switch. There is also private DNS on every VPN server to ensure that DNS requests are not sent outside of the VPN.

All of ExpressVPN’s servers are RAM-based, which is great news for privacy-conscious users. Any user data written to the server network will be wiped when the servers are switched off, ensuring that no one ever sees ExpressVPN’s users’ activity on its service.

Although ExpressVPN only provides support for 5 devices simultaneously (which, although the average for a VPN provider, is a little low), it can be configured to VPN routers. Moreover, ExpressVPN provides its users a dedicated home router VPN app to help users easily control the settings and server connection. This is excellent since it ensures all VPN traffic on your home network is 100% private so that not even your ISP will see what you’re doing.

Express is one of the most expensive VPN providers, but we feel it is worth it since it can make your VPN undetectable. As well as this, Express offers 24/7 customer support, including a live chat on its website. There is also a help page on the website that includes a lot of useful information, including methods on how you can set up the VPN on your router.

5. CyberGhost

CyberGhost makes using a VPN very simple due to its user-intuitive apps. Users can also stay undetected by using one of CyberGhost’s dedicated IPs.

Although like PIA, CyberGhost doesn’t employ obfuscation, it is a pretty good VPN in terms of keeping your VPN undetectable online. CyberGhost can get past VPN blocks on streaming services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu, as well as popular social media platforms and censored news sites.

You can even purchase a dedicated IP add-on if you don’t want to use one of CyberGhost’s dynamic IP addresses on offer. This is great for people who want to use a VPN for habitual activities online but don’t want to get blocked for using an IP associated with an IP.

You can also connect to the Tor browser with CyberGhost. All you need to do is establish a CyberGhost VPN connection before then routing your traffic through the anonymization network for extra undetectability.

CyberGhost also offers many other great privacy features. Firstly, it manages a NoSpy server network that users can choose to route their traffic through. This network comprises servers in Romania, which are overseen end to end by the CyberGhost team for extra security.

The CyberGhost app is straightforward to use, and subscribers get 7 simultaneous connections per subscription. You can connect the VPN to almost any device, including your router, should you want to protect other IoT things on your home network.

One of the best things about CyberGhost is the length refund policy it offers. There is a 45-day money-back guarantee for all new customers that allows users to try out the VPN and see how it makes their VPN traffic undetectable before deciding whether they want to commit to a long-term subscription.

Does a VPN Hide My Internet Traffic?

Yes, most VPNs should hide your web traffic. This is done by using advanced encryption, by creating a secure VPN tunnel with a protocol such as OpenVPN.

However, even though your traffic may be hidden, it may be obvious to your ISP and sites you visit that you are using a VPN. This can lead to throttling, VPN blocking, and coming up against firewalls. Many websites and services like Netflix employ advanced VPN detection technology to ensure that users don’t bypass geo-blocks and ultimately access copyright restricted content.

Therefore, if you want to successfully bypass all VPN blocking online, you need to purchase a VPN that doesn’t just hide your traffic but hides your VPN usage completely.

Are Free VPNs Undetectable?

A free VPN is appealing for many users since it affords them more freedom (and sometimes privacy) online without the need to purchase a long-term subscription. However, free VPNs lack the advanced technology and features necessary to make a VPN undetectable online.

First of all, many free VPN services use shared IPs which are often blocked by websites since they are flagged as VPN IPs. Secondly, free VPNs lack obfuscation which means they can’t easily disguise the VPN traffic as normal HTTPS traffic.

Thirdly, server switching is harder with free VPNs, which can help keep your VPN undetectable. Many free services don’t offer large server networks and are restricted in terms of location and, therefore, IPs. This makes it easier for the VPNs to get blocked.

Overall, we wouldn’t recommend a free VPN service if you want to remain anonymous online and keep your VPN use 100% private.


Does an Undetectable VPN work in China?

Yes, undetectable VPNs are more likely to work in China. This is because most undetectable VPNs employ obfuscated servers, making the VPN traffic look normal and indistinguishable from HTTMS traffic. If you're living in China and want to bypass the country's firewall, you need a VPN that employs obfuscation.

Which VPNs are Undetectable?

There are many undetectable VPNs on the market. However, the best ones are NordVPN, Surfshark, Private Internet Access, ExpressVPN, and CyberGhost. These services offer different features to hide your VPN usage, including obfuscated servers, dedicated IPs, and many ports.

What Makes a VPN undetectable?

Many factors come into play to make a VPN undetectable to websites and your ISP. This includes obfuscation to bypass DPI and make your traffic look normal. Dedicated IPs also help since they are less likely to be flagged as a VPN IP, and a choice of ports can also help.

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