PureVPN Introduces Quantum Encryption Keys in Six Countries

PureVPN has recently announced its brand new feature, Quantum-Resistant Encryption Keys. The well-known VPN company has teamed up with quantum computing company Quantinuum to implement security features that will protect users in a quantum-computing world.

While quantum computers are set to offer plenty of benefits to industries and individuals, they also bring many threats. For this reason, PureVPN has gotten ahead of the curve and rolled out this new feature to users in six countries. In doing so, PureVPN is laying the foundation for the next wave of quantum technology and establishing itself as a leading VPN figure in this area.

If you don’t know what quantum computers are or why you should use PureVPN’s newest feature, this article is for you. Here is everything you need to know.

What is Quantum Computing?

Quantum computing uses quantum physics to solve calculations that traditional computers cannot. Quantum computers use qubits to process information, while regular machines use bits. Simply put, quantum computers will be able to do things that we’ve never seen before and will be able to do them fast. According to PureVPN, quantum computers can carry out tasks 158 million times faster than today’s best computers.

What are the Benefits of Quantum Computing?

Quantum computing is an exciting prospect for many people. First of all, these machines will be able to learn algorithms much faster than regular computers. Moreover, quantum computers will be able to analyze data and perform calculations extremely fast, helping scientists with critical research and helping roll out important medicine quickly.

Not only this, but quantum computers will be highly beneficial for companies. Due to the fact that these machines can make huge calculations based on data, they will be able to predict outcomes for businesses, which can help them to make important decisions.

What are the Downsides of Quantum Computing?

The main downside of quantum computing is the fact that the machines will be easily able to break cryptographic algorithms, such as encryption. This means that cybercriminals could use quantum computers to their advantage and carry out cyberattacks on a scale we have never seen before.

How Does PureVPN’s Quantum Encryption Keys Protect Users?

Since quantum computing is an inevitable part of the future (with some experts claiming quantum computers for practical use will be available in 2023), this is clearly an issue in terms of cybersecurity. This means that many only organizations will need to improve their cybersecurity measures in order to protect themselves.

With PureVPN’s quantum encryption, users can rest assured that they are protected in the face of this new computing technology. PureVPN has worked with an established quantum company to develop encryption keys for the OpenVPN protocol. Since these encryption keys are made using quantum technology, they are resistant to the current quantum technology. This means your PureVPN sessions won’t be easily decrypted when using these encryption keys.

How Can I Use the PureVPN Quantum Encryption?

To try out PureVPN’s quantum encryption keys, you need to sign up for a subscription with the provider and select the OpenVPN protocol in the app. Then, connect to a server in one of the six countries where quantum encryption is available. You’ll then be protected by this innovative encryption.

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