How to Check if VPN is Working on Firestick

How to check if your VPN is working on Firestick? This is one of the most common questions that people ask, especially those who are using a VPN on Firestick for the first time.

If your VPN isn’t working, this could result in limited access to streaming content, less privacy when using the Firestick, and more.

In this guide, we shall go through some of the methods by which you can check whether or not your connection has been secured by VPN encryption. We will also discuss why these checks are necessary and what they entail so that you know how to get started with them without any hassle. Here’s what you need to know!

Check the Available Streaming Content

The first, and perhaps easiest, way to check if your Firestick VPN is working is to see what streaming content you can access. If you are able to access all types of streaming content that have been previously blocked, then it is likely that your VPN connection has worked and the service is now working.

However, if you activate the VPN by connecting to a foreign server and content on streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video doesn’t change, then it is likely that your VPN isn’t working correctly on Firestick. This could be because the VPN IP address could be blacklisted by the streaming platform for being connected to a VPN.

Check Your IP Address

Another easy way to see if your VPN is working on Firestick is to check your IP address. Doing this will give you a fair idea of whether or not the VPN is working and what type of location it might be showing up as.

To do this, you can download an IP checker app from the Amazon Appstore on Firestick to see if there are any changes in your current IP address settings. You can also visit websites via the browser on Firestick to check your IP address via an IP checker.

Visit Websites on Your Firestick Browser

After connecting to the VPN, you should check through a browser on Firestick to see if the location of the sites matches your new IP address. You can use Google Chrome and visit websites such as social media sites and news websites to see if you access the local or foreign version of the site.

Why Doesn’t Your VPN Work on Firestick?

There are various reasons why the VPN might not be working on Firestick. These include:

  • The server location that you have chosen is blacklisted by streaming services for being linked to VPN IP addresses.
  • Changing your IP address has caused problems with your current subscription to the service that you were trying to access when connecting through your VPN.
  • The VPN server is overloaded with users making it hard for you to establish a stable connection with the VPN server. This may cause it not to work on Firestick.

Don’t worry if your VPN is not immediately working on Firestick. You can uninstall and reinstall the VPN app, switch servers, or contact customer support if the problem doesn’t resolve.

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