What is a Gaming VPN?

A gaming VPN is a type of Virtual Private Network that is specifically designed for gamers. This means it has features that regular VPNs don’t have, such as the ability to choose server location by ping or latency, and usually offers better connection speeds as well.

In this guide we will cover what a gaming VPN does, some special features gaming VPNs offer, and how you can get your hands on one!

What is a Gaming VPN?

A gaming VPN is a VPN that is specifically designed for gamers and therefore comes with special features that make it easier for users to game online.

How Does a Gaming VPN Work?

Much in the same way as a regular VPN, a gaming VPN takes your data and encrypts it. This means that all of your computer data is hidden behind a unique code, and therefore can’t be accessed by third parties.

What separates the two types of VPN however, are a few factors; with regular VPNs, you connect a server location for security, meaning perhaps you don’t care so much about the location of your server or the speed of the connection. This means if you auto-connect to a server and there isn’t a suitable connection speed at that point in time then your online gaming experience could suffer as a result.

With a gaming VPN on the other hand, you have the luxury of being able to choose from many different locations around the world so as to ensure an almost constant high-speed connection regardless of where you happen to be playing from! Not only that but some VPNs offer servers optimized for low latency or ping which makes them ideal for gamers.

What Does a Gaming VPN Do?

There are many great things that a gaming VPN can do for you:

  • Gaming VPNs can help you to choose servers by latency, which means that even if there isn’t a good connection at your current location, you can easily switch servers and find one with an almost constant high-speed connection.
  • Many gaming VPNs offer special features such as split tunneling – this is where all internet traffic doesn’t go through the encrypted tunnel so you don’t slow down your entire internet connection. This makes them ideal for online gamers who want to play games but also do plenty of streaming and access other websites at the same time!
  • A fast and stable connection ensures less lag time in online gameplay – allowing players to outplay their opponents based purely upon skill rather than due to inferior connectivity.
  • You can change your IP address and play gamers from anywhere in the world. A gaming VPN is also a must for online gamers who like to play games from different locations across the globe! This means that if you regularly travel or live overseas then this type of VPN will be perfect for you.
  • Changing your IP with a gaming VPN can also help you to access foreign gaming content which is great news if you are looking to save some money!